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Tech that supports you the way it's meant to.

You need tech support, but you don't need your own I.T. Department. That's where we come in. Technology covers so many different facets of your business and our support teams have them all covered. View our capability statement below to get a full insight into our services.

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“After 14 months of blood, sweat, tears and a mild breakdown at least once a day - the day has arrived that the brand new Auxilium Outsourcing website is finally live! I can't take full credit however, Louise Ridlen - IT. Lady and her entire team (Eujean Dayrit, Laura Craig and Jenn Dryman) have been wonderful - from accommodating every single minute change I wanted, to answering my emails on the weekends when I was panicking about timing - they did it all with a smile and promptly. If you need a website, general IT support, SEO, design - I can't recommend them enough.

Any now the real work begins!”

Auxillium Outsourcing