Tech support from our home to yours.


Support that's Personal

We empower you with the knowledge you need to know about your technology – 100% transparency and knowledge transfer between our team and yours.

We've Got You Covered

We offer guidance and practical solutions to protect your digital assets. We can assess the vulnerabilities of your home network and provide recommendations to strengthen its defenses against potential cyber threats by helping you set up strong passwords, implement two-factor authentication, and install robust antivirus and firewall software.

Personalised Setups for YOU

Our team of experts takes the time to understand your requirements, preferences, and goals, ensuring that the IT solutions we design align perfectly with your unique circumstances.

If you need assistance with setting up a home office, optimising your network for smooth connectivity, or selecting the right hardware and software, we are here to help.

Skilled Advice Tailored just for YOU

We offer comprehensive consultations to assess your current objectives, and answer all your questions.

Whether you need help with your email, or looking for a new laptop, desktop, or peripheral devices, we'll consider your specific requirements and budget to help you make the best choice.

Transferring our Knowledge to YOU

With our expertise, we'll enlighten your way.
Empowering you with tech knowledge each day.
We'll break down complexities and make it clear, Educating you in solutions, nothing to fear.
From software to hardware, we'll guide your quest, Equipping you with skills, we deem it the best. Through patient teaching and guidance, you'll find, Confidence in technology, a peace of mind. So let us be your beacon, your trusted source, Together, we'll navigate the tech universe.

For ongoing support, great value and brilliant resources, join the T-Club. A monthly rate will give you peace of mind and a reliable friend to call when you need IT support.

3 Reasons to Choose Us

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Thoughtful Careful Delivery

We understand that tech is not your job and that you're better at lots of other things. Our goal is to help you understand your tech, and to teach you how to problem solve so you don't need to call us every time - only when it's necessary.

From the I.T. Lady you will get a level of service and care unrivaled in the I.T. Industry.

Honest Up Front Pricing
Honest Up Front Pricing

We charge a flat hourly rate with additional 30 minute increments that ensures we can keep the very best technicians available for you, and who will give you the best possible outcomes. We also have a same day priority service for emergencies and a flat rate call-out fee.  Our consultants will do their best to ensure that the job is finished within the discussed time frame. For further information, read our Terms and Conditions

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Join the T-Club

If you'd like to feel confident in calling us on a more regular basis and want ongoing monitored security, then join our T-Club to ensure continued service and a dedicated consultant on-call.  We also offer a range of services for Over 50s, Charity and disabled customers. Reach out to one of our team members below to learn more, or find out more in our Community pages

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Book your IT Lady home, office or business support call today! Or choose a service, book a time and come into our office in the heart of Milsons Point for a face to face appointment