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What if I only have a quick question?

If you only have a quick question, you are welcome to chat with us using the chat button. If we can help you in a few minutes, there's no charge. If we need to assign a staff member, or log into your computer then our technician will discuss charges with you. We have a minimum of 1 hour call-out charge, after that our time time is calculated in 15 minute increments.

Can I choose between a female or male?

Yes, you can. We are the I.T. Lady, but we also have some lovely male technicians and office staff. If you feel more comfortable with a female technician, please say so on the registration form, or on the phone with us. The decision is yours.

What if I can’t afford to pay?

For help desk support, we have a bank of support hours available for anyone who is in financial difficulty. Please discuss with your technician at the time of booking if you need help with your support needs. For project related work, we have a range of payment terms available.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are COD for help desk support work. Project related work is provided on invoice and with 7 day payment terms. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Digital Resources.

Domain & Email Registration Form

Use this Form for Domain & Email Registration Request

New Logo Questionaire

Utilize this form to provide detailed specifications and preferences for the design of your logo, enabling our team to create a customized logo that precisely aligns with your vision and requirements.

Website Registration Request

Use this website to request website registration.

Website Design Questionaire

Use this form to specify and communicate the desired design elements for your website, enabling our team to accurately tailor the site to your preferences.

Register Domain Name

Use our custom page to create your very

Tech Support Resources.

Hardware Repair Consent

Use this form to register your computer repair

Remote Assist Login

Use this link to Join Remote Support Session.

Support Registration Request

Use this Form to request support registration.

Book A Support Call

Use this link to book an appointment.

New Support Request

Use this link to log a new support request lead form

New User Request Form

Use this Form to request new user set up

Computer Sales Enquiry

Use this Form to inquire about computer hardware

Training Resources.

Excel Personality Test

Take this test to find your Excel personality type and which (if any) of our learning classes you could attend

Training Evaluation

Use this Form to evaluate your training course experience

Kidz Training Evaluation

Use this Form to Evaluate the Kidz training evaluation

Be Connected Hospital Resources.

I.T Lady Website

To access any of our Community, Be connected or Digital Mentor resources, please go to the I.T. Lady website.