Strategic Advisory
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Strategic Advisory for your Business

Our IT strategic advisory involves providing expert guidance and recommendations to align your IT initiatives with your overall business goals. Our advisory services help you develop an IT roadmap, evaluate emerging technologies, and make informed decisions to maximise the value and impact of your IT investments

How we can help

with Strategic Advice

Digital Transformation Strategy

We can help you develop a comprehensive plan to leverage digital technologies and optimize business processes, enhancing efficiency, agility, and customer experience.

Cloud Adoption Strategy MAP

We will assess your existing infrastructure and determine the most suitable cloud solutions for your organisation, considering factors such as scalability, cost-efficiency, and data security.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Evaluate your security situation and implement a robust cybersecurity framework to protect against evolving threats, including measures such as network security, employee training, and incident response planning

IT Infrastructure OptimisationS

Analyse your current IT infrastructure and recommend improvements, such as server virtualisation, network upgrades, and storage solutions, to enhance performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Data Management Strategy

Develop a data management strategy that includes data governance, storage, backup, and analytics, ensuring data integrity, privacy, and compliance with relevant regulations


Advise you on the best database management system. We specialise in Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Xero and many other integrations.


Our Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) provides strategic guidance and acts as your trusted technology advisor. They align your IT strategy with your business objectives, helping you make informed decisions and prioritizse technology investments. With their expertise, they oversee IT planning, vendor management, and risk assessment, ensuring optimal IT performance and supporting your overall business growth

Your words not ours

“The I.T. Lady team took my 20 year old database and refreshed it to give me a new way of working, saving me many of my daily repetitive tasks. They also set me up with a new computer, fixed my email and connected SMS from my database"

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