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A Transfer of Knowledge

Our in-house computer training offers a personalised and cost-effective approach that can boost employee skills, productivity, and collaboration, resulting in long-term benefits for your organisation

Tailored to Your Needs

Our in-house computer training allows you to customise the content and delivery to address the specific needs and goals of your organisation. You can focus on the software, tools, and skills that are most relevant to your employees' roles and responsibilities, ensuring maximum relevance and applicability

By conducting training in-house, you can reduce costs associated with outsourcing or sending employees to external training programs. You have greater control over the training budget and can allocate resources more efficiently

Enhanced Productivity

In-house training enables employees to learn and apply new skills without disrupting their workflow significantly. They can immediately practice what they learn and apply it to their daily tasks, leading to improved productivity and efficiency in the long run.

In-house training fosters collaboration and cohesion among team members as they learn and develop together. It provides a shared learning experience and encourages knowledge sharing within the organization, strengthening teamwork and communication

With in-house training, you have the flexibility to determine the pace and schedule that best suit your team's needs. You can adapt the training sessions to align with your operational demands and accommodate employees' availability, minimising potential disruptions to business operations

Managed Service Clients

As part of our comprehensive service offering, Managed Services clients can send two of their team members to our exclusive training courses every month at no additional cost. These courses are designed to enhance digital skills, boost productivity, and ensure that your team is equipped with the latest technological knowledge

Training Evaluation

If you've been to one of our courses, use this link to complete your training evaluation

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From mastering Excel to enhancing Outlook organisation, our upcoming training courses over the next six months are tailored to elevate your team's digital expertise. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your team is ready for whatever the future holds with our exclusive training offerings. Book your spots now for these upcoming courses below.

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