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Type your way to amazing productivity.

Ever thought about how much time you could save just by typing faster? If you're like most people, typing is probably a big part of your daily routine, whether you're emailing, writing reports, or chatting with colleagues. Here’s a closer look at how improving your typing speed can transform your productivity and give you hours back each week.

How Much Practice Do You Need?

To see significant improvement in your typing speed, consistency is key:

  • Daily Practice: Commit to at least 15 minutes of focused typing practice a day. Use online platforms like to practice and track your progress.
  • Regular Testing: Test your typing speed weekly to measure improvements and identify areas that need more work, like certain letters or combinations that slow you down.
  • Typing Games: Make practice fun with games that challenge your speed and accuracy, keeping you engaged and helping to improve muscle memory without the monotony.
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I challenge you to improve your typing speed over the next month. Share your starting speed, practice routine, and progress. At the end of the challenge, let’s see who’s made the most improvement and what creative ways you’ve used your newfound time. Use the hashtag #PepitTypingClub to keep us all updated!

Typing Club