Become a Digital Mentor

Become a Digital Mentor and help bridge the digital divide in Australia

IT Lady is proud to be a partner of the “Be Connect program”, an Australian government initiative aimed at increasing digital literacy amongst older Australians.

We believe that everyone,regardless of age, should have access to the digital world and its countless benefits. We are seeking enthusiastic high school students to become digital mentors and help older seniors bridge the digital gap.

Digital mentors will be trained at no cost - skills include computer, tablet and smartphone shortcuts and basics, email, internet safety, money management, internet troubleshooting and more. 

This experience presents a unique opportunity for young people to contribute to the community while developing valuable tech skills. 

If your school or club is interested in participating in this program, please email,or call 1300 75 33 27.

Click here to download the brochure to hang up on your noticeboard.

Click here to register your details as a Digital Mentor, as or as a school, club or community contact who can help us collaborate with new Digital Mentors.

Become a Digital Mentor