Tea and Tranquility - Feel Less Stressed About Tech

Tea and tranquility - how to feel less stressed about your tech!

Last week we shared the news that IT Lady will now become a charity to focus on our community work and Peppermint IT will take over as our main technology company for customers. We're super excited!  

And today, I want to share the story behind the creation of "I.T. Lady" and how it connects to "Peppermint iT." 

🖥 I.T. Lady was born out of my love for technology and the desire to make it useful to everyone. Whether you're tech-savvy or just starting on your digital journey, I wanted to empower you to feel less intimidated by tech and help you find ways to optimise your business and home life.  

☕ "Peppermint iT" is our new tech home, it's named after my favourite tech remedy: a calming cup of peppermint tea and a biscuit. The idea is simple: when tech issues feel overwhelming, take a break. Sip some of your favourite tea and enjoy a biscuit. It's not just about the refreshment; it's about giving your mind a chance to reset. You walk away from the problem and it often sorts itself out.

Now, I'm not saying that everything can be fixed with a cup of tea, but it certainly helps! There's a solution to every tech problem and it's mostly a process of elimination. It's your job to know how to trouble shoot your area of expertise, and it's our job to know what steps to take to eliminate roadblocks and get to the bottom of the issue. We're like detectives sometimes, and we love that part of our job. There's nothing more satisfying than taking the stress out of someone's day and helping them get back on track.

Technology should enhance your life, not stress you out. 

If you have tech questions or need support, feel free to reach out.

Cheers to tech and tranquility! 🖥️🍪